Job Management

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Job Management

Jobs can be created, dispatched, navigated, and quoted by sitting at the office or via smart phone.

You have the freedom to create a single job or recurring jobs and assign jobs to your team members with the help of Our Customer Relationship Management software. Employees can view their assigned jobs through Job Management in our software. Notify your team members once you assign a job and send customers automated text messages once you are on your way. Communicating with team members and customers throughout the job is easier than ever after using Service CRM mobile application.

Create a job:

Creating a Job anytime, anywhere with all details gives the client more opportunity to book the Job request directly from Field Service Management, as it allows freedom to customer to book the complaint after business hours. Online booking gives your customers access to book an available job 24/7 by using our CRM Mobile Application.

With the help of Service CRM mobile application, one can move from a paper-based system to a digital platform means that feedback on job progress is instant, rather than waiting for the technicians to send in their paperwork. Enhance customer experience by setting arrival windows to let them know when your team will be there through Customer Service Software.

Service CRM Job Management

Service CRM Job Management

Assign Job to Field Engineer:

After the job creation, the admin can assign the job to the service engineer within few clicks with the help of Our Customer Relationship Management software. Assigning the right person to the right job is more important – our smart system recommends the best technician for the job based on skill set.

When assigning the job to the service engineer, an alert message and notification will be sent to the customer and technician on their mobile number and the job assigned with complete Job details through Job Management. Give your customers the best customer experience possible, with live GPS Tracking of Service Engineer with his actual photo. This helps the customer to feel more secure when service engineer is visiting at his home by using Service CRM Application.

Capture On-site Photo:

Take photos from Service CRM and they’re automatically saved to the job. Everyone in the business can then view the photos instantly.

Service CRM Job Management

Service CRM Job Management

Capture Customer Signature:

Technician can record the proof by Customer Signature that the customer is satisfied after completing the job.

Job History:

Having job history can help to out to check the the past history of the customer as well as the product. Access a full history of work done for every client, including photos, remarks, used spares items details – anywhere easily.

Service CRM Job Management

Service agreement is an agreement between 2 persons on business where one concides provide a specified service to the other. It can also be an express undertaking of an employment signed by both employer and the employee detailing their-in the explicit terms and conditions of service.

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